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If you pretend to spend your holidays in Spain, and specially at the Comunidad Valenciana, this web site will help you.

In the Spanish mediterranean coast, we can find the Valencian Community, which is an autonomous community of Spain.  It is the fourth most populous autonomous community after Andalusia, Catalonia and Madrid with more than 4.9 million inhabitants.

Its capital Valencia is the third largest city and metropolitan area in Spain. It is located along the Mediterranean coast on the east side of the Iberian peninsula. It borders with Catalonia to the north, Aragon and Castilla–La Mancha to the west, and Murcia to the south. The Valencian Community consists of three provinces which are :


The Spanish mediterranean coast has a generally mild climate, heavily influenced by the neighbouring Mediterranean sea. Still, there are important differences between areas.  For further and individual information, see the above threee listed cities.

Regarding transport, is very well communicated by train:

The Spanish national rail company RENFE.

and by air:

The Valencian Community is served by two international airports, Alicante Airport, which is mainly tourist-oriented and Valencia Airport, which carries more business traffic. A third airport, in Castellón Province in the north of the Valencian territory, is a white elephant which was officially opened on 25 March 2011 but has received the first commercial flight on 15 September 2015.

Despite of the above mentioned transports, also has to be listed the Commuter rail and Metro, sea port, highways (AP7), bus, ….


The Valencian gastronomy is of great variety, although their more international dishes are rice-based (arròs in Valencian), like the Valencian paella known worldwide. Rice is a basic ingredient in many of the typical dishes, like the arròs negre, arròs amb costra, arròs a banda, arròs a la pedra, arròs caldós, among many.

The Valencian Mediterranean climate favors the cultivation of vegetables and citrus fruits, with the cultivation of the orange being perhaps of highest importance as one of the typical fruits of Valencian agriculture.

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The language:  Spanish (Castilian or castellano) has official status in all of Spain, including the Valencian Community. Aside from it, the Statute of Autonomy recognizes Valencian as the language proper to the Valencian people (llengua pròpia), and commends its protection and regulation to the Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua (AVL) under the Generalitat Valenciana.


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The mediterranean coast - your holidays in Spain
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The mediterranean coast - your holidays in Spain
The mediterranean coast - your holidays in Spain. Don´t miss your holiday lettings in Spain.